How Laser Hair Removal Is More Cost-Effective Than Waxing

We all have tufts of unwanted hair on our bodies. Don’t you hate having to go through the hassle of shaving them off every second day? Technology has an answer for everything, even unwanted hair! Let’s consider why laser hair removal would be a better option than other hair removal techniques like waxing.

How Both Works

Waxing is a sticky business! It removes hair by trapping it in a sticky substance and pulling each follicle off your skin from the root bulb. The method takes very long and does not yield the best results. You will still be left with a stubble that must be shaved off manually to achieve precision. Since the wax strips need to be ripped off your skin, this technique will cause you pain. The degree of pain differs with different types of skin. If you’ve been waxing for long, you are less likely to experience pain.

The laser hair removal technique emits beams that penetrate your skin and reach the root bulb of each follicle, inhibiting hair growth. With waxing, you have to wait for your hair to grow to its full length again. But with laser treatment, a few hair removal sessions at different stages of hair growth is all you need to achieve permanent hair loss. You will be forever rid of those unwanted tufts in 2-3 weeks. The process causes no damage to your skin, but waxing can give rise to ingrown hair that can have painful and vexing consequences.


Which Method Is More Economical

Waxing might seem considerably economical with each hair removal session. Each session of laser hair removal, on the other hand, can cost upto a few thousand rupees in India. But in the long run, laser treatment only needs a few sittings which will reduce its cost significantly when placed against all the money you have to spend on waxing sessions all your life.

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