How To Take Care Of Your Skin This Monsoon?

While monsoon showers may give you that much-need relief from the scorching sun, your skin may not feel so relieved after all. Your skin is at its most mercurial mood during the moist and humid monsoon season. While on some days your skin is very oily, other days it will be the opposite. Unless you provide your skin with the right treatment it needs, you’re definitely heading downhill. But don’t panic. Here are 6 essential skincare tips that can save your skin gracefully.

  1. Wash Your Face

This one is very obvious and you should already be doing it. If you’re not, then start it without further ado. During monsoon season, the atmosphere is filled with pollution and dirt, which can take residence on your skin. So washing your skin two to three times a day is imperative. Especially wash your face before you go to bed, as your skin doesn’t want to rest burdened with grime.

  1. Use A Toner

Sometimes just washing your face is not enough. Those persistent dirt particles can stick so dearly on to your skin and refuse to leave. This is why you should use a toner, which cleans your pores thoroughly.

  1. Exfoliate

A good skincare routine is never complete without exfoliation. You should exfoliate at least two times a week, as this will remove all the dead cells and change your dry skin to soft and supple skin.

  1. Moisturize

Keeping your skin hydrated is of utmost importance, so never forget to moisturize. While it is common practice to moisturize your skin during the day, a lot of people overlook the importance of moisturizing at night. Your skin repairs itself during the night, and moisturizing will help your skin with its repairing process.

  1. Don’t Miss Sunscreen

This is the most important step. Always use sunscreen before you head out of your home, as you definitely don’t want the harsh UV rays of the sun damaging your skin. Don’t skip sunscreen even on days when the sun is hiding and the day looks gloomy, as the UV rays will still attack your skin despite the hiding sun.

  1. Drink Loads Of Water

It is not enough just to moisturize your skin from outside. You should always drink plenty of water and hydrate your whole body, which will ultimately result in healthier skin. Apart from water, eating green vegetables and fruits rich in antioxidants will also cure your skin from within.

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