How Sunscreen Is A Weapon Against Photo-Aging

If you use sunscreens everyday, you know that their protective properties are nothing short of amazingly effective. You wear it as part of a regimen that fortifies your skin from the UV-A rays of the sun. But do you know that it also has a beneficial function that stretches to the issue of aging?


Photoaging is a sun-related aging problem that leaves your skin wrinkled, spotty, and with a loss of elasticity. Your skin is stripped off its natural tone and ability to maintain the shape of its mold. As a response to the damaging effects of the sun, your body tries to protect itself by generating a smudgy pigmentation. Recent studies have found that sunscreens protect your skin from photo-aging too.

Sunscreens have ingredients that absorb UVB and UVA rays. They create a fine coat on your skin that prevents ultraviolet radiation from penetrating your skin and causing harm. The harmful effects of this radiation include aging of your skin. Your skin gradually turns coarser and less stretchy. But as ultraviolet radiation is hindered from entering the deeper layers of your skin, these changes are prevented from happening.


During a study, the skin changes of about 900 participants were studied for 4 years. They were given instructions regarding the correct usage of the sunscreens which included applying the sunscreen after getting wet, sweating profusely, and being exposed to the sun. Changes in their skin were then carefully monitored through a method known as microtopography. Sensitive silicon impressions on the skin showed the degree of damage being considerably low on a scale of 1 to 6.

The study proved that sunscreens can prevent photoaging. Learn about other ways to heal photoaging and protect your skin from sun damage at a reputable skin clinic. You could consult their skin experts, but make sure you read some reviews about their treatments first.

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