Is Kojic Acid The Natural Alternative To Treat Skin Darkening?

You’ve got your skincare routine down and picked the best products with popular skin lightening agents like hydroquinone and arbutin, but what’s the point if they are not safe for your skin? Considering certain chemicals can be very harsh to your skin, you need to be careful while choosing a beauty product when treating hyperpigmentation.

Skin problems are something we are all scared of. Not because of the problems themselves but the variety of treatments and ambiguities around them. So you need to be very careful and well informed before you resort to any specific type of treatment, chemical or natural. Talking about safety, natural treatment can be your saving grace especially when treating skin darkening. And kojic acid will give you the natural helping hand you seek.

What Is Kojic Acid?

Kojic acid is an all-natural compound derived from different species of fungi, like mushrooms. That means kojic acid is completely natural and is not some chemical compound prepared in laboratory.


Are There Any Benefits To Kojic Acid Over Chemical Alternatives?

Melanin is the pigment that gives your skin its color. Kojic acid helps to reduce the formation of melanin in your skin. Products having kojic acid are more stable and long-lasting as they resist blights due to oxidation. But studies suggest that kojic acid is only effective when used in specific concentrations.

Concentrations of around 1.0-2.5% is considered to be safe for topical application to the skin. Researches suggest kojic acid to be very effective and safe for lightening of spots or treatment of melasma. You should use this acid twice daily for 1-2 months directly on your dark spots to get better results. However. kojic acid can be sensitizing if applied in concentrations 1.0-2.5% for more than 3 months. Hence, I would advise you to change to a different natural agent after few months.


However, for safer and better results you can consider consulting a skin specialist before opting for a treatment. But make sure the professional help doesn’t break the banks. Hence, do some online research for various options available and suitable for you.

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