Get the Daily Protection you need with Kaya’s Daily Use Sunscreen + SPF 15

Arm yourself with the protection of Kaya‘s Daily Use Sunscreen SPF 15+ and enrich your skin with its nourishing formula. No more worrying about UV rays A and B!

Daily Use Sunscreen from Kaya
Kaya’s Sunscreen for Daily Use

The moment summer hits, a lot of people rush to the nearest cosmetic store for sunscreen. If you’ve been doing this, you might want to reconsider your idea of skin protection.

Summer isn’t the only time the sun can affect you. In fact, you can’t really escape the sun’s harmful rays—and the toxic effects of pollution—even during monsoons. Pick up a handy sunscreen this monsoon to help you keep away aging, dullness, and pigmentation.

You could bring home Kaya Skin Clinic’s Daily Use Sunscreen SPF 15+ today, and start shielding your skin from the sun’s rays. Let’s take a look at why this product is gaining popularity among those looking for high-quality skin care essentials.

Why use Kaya’s Daily Use Sunscreen SPF 15+

With the rise in pollution levels and harmful radiations in our country, it has become all the more vital that you layer yourself with protective sunscreen every time you step out. Sunscreen covers your skin with a protective layer that inhibits the excess production of melanin under your skin and prevents it from creating hyper pigmented spots on the skin.

The hydrating action of the cream ensures that your skin gets the nutrients necessary to maintain its natural elasticity. This Kaya product has an Ultra Boot star rating of 5; you can rest assured that your skin is protected from unhealthy UVA and UVB radiation.

How to use it

A number of people think it’s enough to dab on some sunscreen just before they head out; this isn’t the best way to go about this, though.

Instead, cleanse your face using an enriching lotion and dab it dry using a soft cloth. Next, slowly massage your face with Kaya’s Daily Use Sunscreen SPF 15+. Give it a good 20 minutes to settle before you apply any other layer of makeup. Make this your everyday routine, and you’ll notice the difference in your skin health even within a short period.

Your skin’s constant exposure to the radiation and toxins everywhere makes it susceptible to cancer and other serious illnesses. Rub this lotion into your skin before you head out—to work, outdoor picnics or any other activities—and you’re good to go.

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