Get rid of those pesky pimples with Kaya’s acne and scars product range

Kaya's acne and scars product range

Acne and scars -these types of blemishes tarnish your complexion and skin. While there are countless remedies that exist today, none are as safe and effective as the ones by Kaya Skin Clinic. Not only do Kaya’s products prevent breakouts, they also work on removing scars left behind by pimples and acne.

According to studies, acne affects about 200-300 million people worldwide. It’s basically the result of hormonal imbalances, pollution, and stress. Your skin secretes an oily matter called sebum to keep from drying up. But this defence mechanism could become a breeding ground for bacteria. The oil clogs up your pores, encouraging bacterial growth and a breakout of acne.

This is where Kaya Skin Clinic’s acne and scars products make an entry. Using the toner, moisturizer, and cleanser improves skin health and limits acne breakout. Kaya’s corrector completes the treatment, by replenishing skin cells and wiping out acne scars.

Purifying cleanser

Acne and scars product range by Kaya

The cleanser is an oil-free extract that flushes out oil, dirt, grime, and impurities lodged deep inside your skin pores. The salicylic acid present in this cleanser fights acne and effectively reduces the risk of breakouts in the future. A mild fragrance accompanies every drop, which is also enriched with the conditioning properties of olive oil.

Purifying nourisher

The purifying nourisher is specifically for acne-affected skin that also suffers from dryness. This mildly-perfumed fluid comes with the conditioning properties of aloe vera, which hydrates your skin. It doesn’t have any oil-based components, which makes it easy to apply. Furthermore, there aren’t any chances of pore clogging. Almond and rose extracts have also been added to limit skin irritation.

Purifying toner

Oil-based acne products encourage bacterial growth, resulting in more breakouts. This toner however is oil-free, and contains salicylic acid that penetrates deep into the skin pores to remove impurities. But, it doesn’t just drive out dirt. It has astringent properties that tighten the skin pores and minimise risk of clogging.

Purifying corrector

The beauty of this spot corrector is that it can be used both by itself and with makeup. It contains ingredients like zinc sulfate, which is astringent and fights acne, salicylic acid, glycolic acid for clearer skin through exfoliation, camphor for a cooling effect, and witch hazel for its high anti-oxidant and astringent content.

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