Kaya’s Intense White Luxe Therapy: The best way to pamper your skin

Years of exposure to the sun, without proper protection, can make you look older and darker than you really are in normal life. Thanks to Intense White Luxe Therapy by Kaya Skin Clinic, getting rid of tans from your face has never been simpler.

Kaya's Intense White Luxe Therapy

You may be a busy bee and career may mean the world to you. However, have you ever cared to look at yourself in the mirror properly? Regularly going out in the sun has invariably made your skin look dull and lose its natural brightness.

The best way out is to choose Kaya’s Intense White Luxe Therapy, in order to get back your younger appeal. With the use of the right products in this 2 stage therapy, you can easily retain your natural looks and make heads turn wherever you go.

The procedure to pamper your skin

Kaya’s Intense White Luxe Therapy practically pampers your facial skin and makes it lose its tan lines almost instantly. It involves mainly 2 stages to give you the best possible benefits. Your Kaya Clinic therapist starts off with a cleansing procedure for your face. Once this is done, a toner is applied on your skin.

Kaya Skin Clinic - Intense White Luxe Therapy

Next up is a peeling cream, which is the primary attraction of this facial. It is left on your skin for 3 minutes, within which it dries out and is finally peeled off with the help of fingers. This is followed by the application of a brightening cream and a special serum. Your therapist will gently massage your skin with a special massage balm for around 15 minutes. Then, a vitamin C-enriched peel-off face mask is applied. When this face mask is taken off, the same brightening cream and serum are applied again on your face. Finally the procedure comes to an end with the application of a sunscreen lotion.

Although this entire procedure takes hardly an hour, you will be surprised with the instant results. You will also notice that the effects become more evident with time. Protection from the sun is advisable during this period.

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