Your all-round solution to keeping your skin hydrated

Our skin needs moisture to remain healthy and supple. Nourishing creams, blemish control serums, and skin radiance creams are some of the products used for skin care. If you’re looking for an effective moisturizing solution for your skin, Kaya has you covered.

Kaya’s skin moisturization range includes different products to suit different skin types. Often, one product is not enough to meet all your skin needs. Night cream, day cream, detoxifying creams, and skin radiance creams are some of the Kaya products offering immense moisturizing benefits. Read on to know more.

Your skin’s thirst

Your skin keeps losing moisture throughout the day, whether you are indoors or outdoors. The sun, dust, air-conditioners, and pollution erode your skin of its moisture content making it look dull and dehydrated.

Kaya’s skin moisturization range

A complete hydration kit

Deep moisturization is essential for dry and dull skin. Use the following products for the results you’re looking for:

  • The Intense Hydration Body Lotion is highly recommended for people having acute dry skin. Containing shea butter and bokum butter, the product is non-comedogenic
  • The Anytime Moisturizing Cream lives up to its name. You can use it as a day cream or night cream, and all throughout the year. It hydrates your skin and keeps it nourished
  • Looking for an anti-aging product? Kaya gives you Kaya AntOx Vit-C Formula serum. Offering a perfect blend of vitamin C, nutrients, and antioxidants, this prevents cell damage makes your skin look young while maintaining the hydration level of your skin
  • The Kaya Skin-Awakening Gel is a hydrating complexion booster that contains vitamins B3, B5, A, C, and E. This orange-color nourishing gel is also a good long-lasting moisturizer. It’s light and non-greasy formula and gets easily absorbed into the skin

Different people have different skin needs and the choice amongst these Kaya products should be made based on specific skin requirements. Men also, have a wide range of skincare products to choose from. Use these products to ensure that you skin stays healthy, smooth, and flawless like that of a child.

Kaya’s skin moisturization range

Read reviews of various Kaya products and services and give your feedback in the comments. Visit Kaya Clinic Review for more!


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