Is Your Skin Aging? Here’s How You Can Make a Difference

Kaya Skin Clinic’s Anti-Aging Skin Care Products
Kaya’s Youth Excell

Aging of the skin is a complicated process influenced by a blend of  factors. Principal factors representing overall well-being depends on skin wellness and beauty, and Kaya’s Youth Excell is created to fight aging at the roots.

Our skin is made of a complex fiber form of collagen and elastin which are proteins that keep the skin firm. When skin is stretched, these proteins put it back into place.

As you grow older, less and less of these proteins are created and as a result, the skin begins to sag. Many unavoidable factors add to skin aging like exposure to the harmful rays of the sun and the pollution as well. Skin becomes thinner and loses fat. The fleshy softness of your skin as a youth is replaced by an irregular texture. Gravity worsens this situation by weakening the skin further.

Maximize your results from Kaya Skin Clinic’s anti-aging skin care products

Kaya's Youth Excell
Kaya Skin Clinic’s Anti-Aging Skin Care Products

Deeply rejuvenated skin from Kaya’s Skin Clinic’s Youth Excell

Extracted from stem cells of the Argan tree, Youth Excell benefits in revealing deeply rejuvenated, tighter, and firmer skin with a youthful glow. The capability of the skin to restore itself is where youthful skin lies. And this helps you do just that.

Derma collagen intense solution

This aids in filling each of the skin’s cells with collagen. Mimicking natural collagen, it forms a guarding layer that tightens the skin, renews its elasticity, and makes it moist and bright.

Derma stemness benefactor

This velvety, rich cream includes extracts of stem cells and oil from the Argan tree. Preserving the microenvironment of skin cells, it helps improve the regenerative capacity and combat skin aging right at the root.

Derma stemness reviving serum

This helps guard the regenerative skin cells. This oil-free intense formula includes stem cells of the Argon plant with superior liposome technology that helps enter the hard-to-reach regenerative cells of the skin and accelerates the natural repair process of the skin.

With Kaya’s Youth Excell you can experience the difference with toned, rejuvenated skin.

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