Painless Hair Reduction: Next Gen Laser Treatment

Laser Hair Reduction by Kaya Skin Clinic
Laser Hair Reduction by Kaya Skin Clinic

Getting rid of unwanted hair—this is what most women want. Shaving, tweezing, waxing, and threading are generally a big hassle, and not to mention, painful. Just because these procedures have been unfruitful, don’t let it spoil an event. Worth considering, this laser hair reduction is definitely a convenient option.

Beautiful skin can be accomplished by getting freed of that tiny undesired hair which darkens, and causes your skin to be coarse and unattractive.

Three stages of how the hair grows on the skin:

  • Anagen stage
  • Telogen stage
  • Catagen stage

The early part of the anagen stage, when the hair actively grows, is where laser hair removal is most efficient. The laser turns energy into heat, this warms the hair follicle, which in turn limits the follicle from further growth. The reduction of hair through laser treatment has been discovered to be effective and has been used since 1997.

Laser Hair Reduction – Kaya Skin Clinic’s approach

Being gold standard, this laser treatment for women and men is famous all across India. Approved by US FDA, this mild laser light technology aims for the hair follicles in order to lessen your body hair without affecting the surrounding skin. It also pulls the hair from the roots.

 Smooth hair-free skin with a 3-step process

  • To understand the hair type, skin type, and also the pattern of hair growth in detail.
  • To experience with a small fold of your skin to check sensitivity.
  • There will be a customised service by certified laser therapists, who will be under the direction of a dermatologist.


Laser hair reduction for your underarms

Laser Hair Reduction by Kaya Skin Clinic
Kaya’s Laser Hair Reduction for Underarms

Shaving or waxing your underarms causes the area to have in-growth, burns, and most irritatingly, discoloration of the skin. The hair can become coarse and think. Pull off beautiful care-free underarms with this reduction treatment.

Laser hair reduction for your arms

Nd-YAG which is a laser technology which is advanced, Kaya Skin Clinic helps you with the reduction of hair, with equipment that is designed with the Indian skin in mind. The treatment removes not only the hair on the arm but also seeps into the surface of the skin and the roots are destroyed.

Reduction of hair by laser treatment is more than just removing hair that is not wanted. A medical procedure that needs tutoring to work the treatment and has minimal after effects such as long-term, stable reduction in the number of hairs regrowing after the treatment.

For customer feedback and testimonials about different products and services, you can visit Kaya Skin Clinic Reviews.


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