Why Removing Makeup is Important

You love to wear makeup. After all, it makes you look pretty and hides your flaws. When it comes to removing it, many of us are pretty lazy—too tired or too sleepy. However, sleeping with makeup on can be extremely damaging to your skin. Find out more.

Kaya’s Hydra-Cleanse Makeup Remover
Hydra-Cleanse Makeup Remover by Kaya Clinic

Removing makeup is more important than applying it. I mean, if you don’t want to remove makeup, you should stop wearing makeup, altogether. The damage done because of overnight sleeping with makeup on is tremendous.

Being lazy doesn’t justify the unfair treatment done to your skin. Spare a few minutes out of your life to follow this healthy habit, just as you, probably, spare half an hour or so for your makeup routine. Healthy skin indicates a healthy person.

The gentle makeup remover-cum-moisturizer in one package, Hydra-Cleanse Makeup Remover from Kaya Skin Clinic can help you follow this healthy habit. Read on to find out the damaging reasons.

  1. Causes acne breakout: Sleeping with makeup on blocks the pores on your skin, which in turn leads to acne. The chemicals in the makeup causes the pores to get infected and inflamed.
  2. Causes eye problems: Removing makeup from your eyes is crucial if you don’t want to suffer from eye irritation, allergic reactions, infections, and eyelash fall.
  3. Accelerates aging: When you sleep with your makeup on, your skin is unable to breathe and it slows down the renewal process. Further, the chemicals in your makeup can give rise to oxidative stress that attack your skin with free radicals. This decreases the production of collagen making your skin age faster.
  4. Causes dry skin: If you don’t remove makeup before sleeping, the pores get blocked, thus slowing down the production of sebum. It eventually causes dry skin.
  5. Causes skin irritation: If you have sensitive skin, you must remove makeup before sleeping, daily. The chemicals in your makeup can play havoc on your skin, leading to red, irritated patches.
Hydra-Cleanse Makeup Remover by Kaya Clinic
Kaya’s Hydra-Cleanse Makeup Remover

The importance of cleansing your skin every night cannot be stressed enough. You will have reduced chance of acne, blackheads, dry and irritated skin, and wrinkles. Use a product like Hydra-Cleanse Makeup Remover by Kaya Clinic, say goodbye to your worries.

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3 thoughts on “Why Removing Makeup is Important

  1. I am very enthusiastic for parties but I am very lazy when it comes to removing makeup. And my friends always shout at me and from their point of view my skin would start getting dark patches and wrinkles. Can you suggest some good products of Kaya which would help my skin restore its goodness very fast?


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