4 Daily Hair Care Tips for Beautiful Tresses

It’s natural to lose 100-150 hair strands every day. However, if you’re losing more than that and you always have to see huge bunches of hair on your floor, then it’s time that you do something to prevent it.

Kaya Products Review
Kaya Products for Beautiful Tresses

Following a hair care routine isn’t that complicated. There’s no harm in pampering your hair a little. A few easy steps are all that you need to have that natural shine.

Comb your hair every morning

If you’re in the habit of waking up in the morning and tying your hair into a bun without combing it. Stop. It’s important that you brush your hair every morning. Not only does it detangle your hair but it also helps in distributing natural oils evenly. Use a soft-bristled comb to brush your hair and do so gently, especially when your hair is wet.

Hair wash

If you have dry and coarse hair, you need to wash your hair every two or three days, if you have normal hair wash every alternate day and your hair is oily, wash it every day.

When it comes to using shampoos, choosing the right one can be a huge task. The options are many and most of them are filled with harsh chemicals. Shampoos like Kaya Skin Clinic’s Hair Nourishing Shampoo and Hair Care Hair Health Gel have ingredients like almond and other important minerals and vitamins that strengthens your hair.

Massage your scalp in circular motion since this stimulates blood flow. Don’t forget to apply a conditioner as well.

Trim your hair every 2 months

This is more important for people with long hair. Trimming your hair every few weeks can help get rid of split ends. Cut about 1/4th of an inch every 6-8 months to make your hair grow faster.

Night care

Before hitting your bed, sit in front of your mirror and brush your hair gently. After brushing, tie your hair loosely to prevent any tangles.

These simple tips are easy to follow and offer great results. Read Kaya product reviews to choose the right shampoo, based on your hair type.


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