3 Diet Tips to Prevent Hair Loss

Several things can affect the health of your hair, diet being the most important factor among them. Your diet is a mirror of your lifestyle. Healthy eating keeps both your body and hair in good shape.

There are few essential nutrients and minerals that you need to include in your diet to help prevent hair fall.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C helps in collagen synthesis, which provides nourishment to hair follicles and keeps blood vessels in your scalp healthy. Vitamin C also helps in better absorption of iron from your food.

Some foods that contain large levels of Vitamin C are fruits like oranges, lemons, and sweet lime. Try and include Vitamin E in your diet as well. It helps improve blood circulation on your scalp.


A deficiency in protein can cause several problems like lethargy, heart diseases, cataract, and even hair fall. Hair is more than 90% protein, a deficiency of protein affects your hair growth and health. All kinds of meat, along with eggs, are excellent sources of protein. You can opt for chia seeds, soybeans and quinoa as well.

Iron and zinc

Metals are also essential for our body since 1% of our body consists of metals. Although they’re small in quantity, a deficiency can lead to a severe impact on your health. Iron and zinc are essential for better growth of hair follicles. You can find iron and zinc in abundance in green vegetables.

However, if you’re still facing hair fall, it’s time to get your hair treated. Kaya Skin Clinic features a product specially designed to take care of all these needs for your scalp—the Hair Care Health Gel. You can apply the gel directly to your scalp and leave it overnight. It contains vital nutrients and gets quickly absorbed into the skin to give your scalp the nutrients it requires.

Make sure to read Kaya product reviews to understand how this gel and other hair care products from Kaya Skin Clinic can help you prevent hair fall.


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