Pamper Your Skin with Kaya Skin Clinic Bangalore

Kaya Skin Clinic is the biggest chain of skin treatment services in India and is also one of the top skin clinics in Bangalore. They always make sure that they provide best in class treatment for your skin. Kaya to this day has 81 clinics in 26 cities in India and is rapidly expanding into the Middle East and Bangladesh too.

The Kaya team consists of more than 140 dermatologists and they treat customers with procedures that are US-FDA approved. Regardless of your skin issue, they have a solution for you. They offer different services and treatments to make you look gorgeous and flawless. Let’s look at some of them below:

Services Provided By Kaya Skin Clinic Bangalore

The Kaya Signature Face Therapy – Ultra Detox

If you’re about to get married, then this facial treatment is an ideal pick for you. Your wedding day holds a lot of importance and you can’t go without looking your best on it. So, it is best to prepare your skin for all the makeup that’s likely to come your way with this treatment before your wedding. The facial includes an anti-oxidising potion with vitamin C and mulberry extracts that is massaged into your skin to give it a radiant glow. The Patchouli and Neroli oil cream give you a relaxed feel and leave your skin feeling fresh and pure.

Aqua Radiance Facial

This is another type of facial treatment offered by Kaya Skin Clinic. The treatment includes the use of ingredients containing vitamin A, B5, C, and E which infuse into your skin to give it a supple and hydrated effect. The treatment also includes a supersonic jet spray of oxygen and pure water to remove dead skin cells. This is a great treatment to unblock pores, remove impurities, and get radiant skin. You can get the best results if you get this treatment once every month.

Dark Circle Reduction

With work pressure and stress, the eyes develop dark circles around them. Kaya skin clinic provides a great way to help get rid of these clingy dark circles to make you look beautiful. This treatment is a home care solution, where you can apply a glycolic peel that removes every sign of dark circles from under your eyes. The peel breaks the dead cell layer while the microcurrent allows your skin to become firm. With this, you won’t ever have to think about applying concealers again.

Laser Hair Reduction

Going to a parlor every month or sparing the time to shave your hair off can become bothersome and difficult in your busy lives. However, several Kaya skin clinics in Bangalore have a laser hair reduction treatment as a solution to this problem. The laser hair removal burns the hair follicles on your skin and this reduces the hair growth on your skin. This treatment has to be done in several sessions to produce a significant and lasting effect. However, once you are through with it, you can flaunt smooth skin all your life.

Hair Root Regen System

If you have extreme hair fall because of your genes, then Kaya brings you a solution for healthy and beautiful hair. A cocktail of several nutrients, vitamins, and natural extracts is microinjected into your scalp at the root of your hair. This revitalizes the hair follicle and prevents your hair from falling again. The treatment is safe and is also US FDA approved. The treatment includes the usage of your own blood for extracting plasma from your platelets, to help miniature hair follicles grow and become healthy. The process is done by an expert Kaya dermatologist and is a completely natural process, which means that you don’t have to worry about the safety of the treatment. Several Kaya skin clinic reviews by their customers state that they have achieved luscious hair after this treatment.

Expert Beauty Facials

The sun’s rays and the pollution from the atmosphere can harm your skin in ways that you can’t even imagine. You can always get relief with the Expert Beauty Facial Services at Kaya. They not only help you relax and take a casual break from your stressful life, but can also exfoliate your skin and bring back its natural glow. This skin treatment services can also help improve the blood circulation under your skin to promote cell renewal and reduce the puffiness or ruddiness. There are 16 Kaya skin clinics in Bangalore, each of which provide great facial solutions to your skin.

A facial, unfortunately, isn’t just a one-hour miracle. It doesn’t heal your skin entirely with just one session. To ensure that your skin is healthy, you will have to undergo several sessions of the Expert Beauty Facial service. However, it seems to be worth it. Many Kaya customers recommend that you experience at least one facial every month.


Kaya Skin Clinic Reviews: The Changing Landscape of Client-Customer Relationship

A company does its part in promoting their products by showcasing its best features in advertisements and on its website. However, there is a lot of competition in the market today and plain advertising doesn’t really help.

Many companies follow similar strategies in an attempt to attract more customers. However, does that actually help?

One of the most popular methods of gauging the success of a product is customer reviews. Kaya Skin Clinic is one establishment that takes customer feedback seriously and deals with them too, to give their customers the quality they deserve.

The success of a product depends on the customer reviews to a great extent – a well-received product gains positive ones and boosts consumption in the market further.

Statistics show that 61% of customers read through reviews before making a purchase. However, only 19% of businesses out there pay attention to these. The ones that do, gain valuable feedback and experience success.

The Kaya feedback taken from customers gives a detailed experience of the user for the service or product. They give the company information on the aspects that they have enjoyed.

Dealing With Kaya Skin Clinic Review

The importance of customer reviews is being undervalued. This is information that is easy to access. Any person can find it in less than a few seconds due to the efficiency of search engines and make a decision about whether to buy a product or not in an instant. At the same time, you can even post negative feedback regarding a product, sounding others off with your experience.

Reviews are important for businesses. Businesses and brands need to work with these on a regular basis. The numerous online platforms make it difficult for companies to keep a tab on the these. Controlling the content is one of the main concerns of brand managers today.

How This Matters

Online feedback is pretty much the extension of customer service. There are several websites on which the customers can leave their feedback. You can find analysis of Kaya products on their website and even on other platforms, by other customers.

51% of the businesses last year were affected by such feedbacks. Hence it is important that companies take them seriously.

Strategize To Use Reviews For Your Benefit

The company needs to work towards addressing online feedback. While it is important to respond to each one of these, whether positive or negative, it’s more important to promote the positive ones.

Positive feedback is sure to usher in more buyers. You can find these on various products and services offered by Kaya Skin Clinic. They have received several positive feedbacks as their customers are happy with their quality of services. Make sure to go through these yourself to get a better understanding of the products and services that this brand offer.

You can find several customers sharing their experience on how the treatment worked on their skin or hair, making it smooth and shining. This is extremely useful information for those who are seeking the right place to treat skin or hair issues.

Invest To Make Better Use Of the Reviews

Companies invest ample time in monitoring their customer feedback. Addressing them is a way of letting the customers know that the company is listening to them and that it cares.

This improves the client-customer relationship. Such companies experience an increase in sales as a result of being more involved in working with their customers. A personal relationship is a key to attracting more customers.

Experiences that customers share speak everything about the online reputation of the company. You can find out about a company and its services just be checking these.

Impact Of Customer Feedback

Although the company gives a lot of information regarding the product, hearing from someone who has used the product will give a deeper insight. They give a detailed description of the benefit they got from the product.

The Kaya skin clinic reviews available on the Internet are a proof of the good quality of their products and services. The Kaya pigmentation reducing complex service gained wide popularity. This happened due to the immense positive Kaya feedback they received from their customers. Several customers claimed that the pigmentation on their skin had considerably reduced after one week of usage. This encouraged more people to try their product, who in turn shared their experiences as well

The skin recovery night cream discussed above, brightens up the skin and opens the pores when applied overnight. Causes for dullness and pigmentation on the skin are factors like stress and pollution. This cream works by keeping your face looking clean and glowing throughout the day. A customer used this product only to find that it also made the acne on her skin disappear. This was an additional benefit considering the cream did more than what it was supposed to do!

These experiences from real customers posted online show that products become popular and can even improve with the help of customer feedback. Encourage your customers to post their experience for your products and services. As a customer, make sure you do the same to help people make an informed decision.

Kaya Skin Clinic – Is It a Trusted Name for Skin and Hair Treatment?

Kaya Skin Clinic is a skin and hair care clinic that began its journey in 2002. Years of experience and high quality of service has made the clinic one of the premier beauty clinics in India. Today, it boasts of more than 100 skin clinics and skin bars across India and the Middle East. They have thousands of satisfied customers who hold testimony to the quality of service Kaya Skin Clinic offers.

Kaya Skin Clinic reviews – Can you trust them?

The best way to know whether a beauty clinic is worth your money is to look through online customer feedback.  Type ‘Kaya Skin Clinic review’ in Google’s search bar and you’ll come across numerous websites with real opinions shared by customers who have visited clinics in cities like Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Delhi, and others.

Even the clinic asks its potential customers to go through the user feedback published online before availing their services. Kaya Skin Clinic’s customers are more than happy to share their beauty stories on the Internet. You can go through these as well.

Officially known as Kaya Limited, it also encourages their customers to post feedback and suggestions. They understand how important customer feedback is. They try their best to implement suggestions so they can improve and serve their customers better.

Kaya Skin Clinic has its own complaint forum where customers can write their complaints. It goes through these complaints and implements changes.

Websites with reviews about Kaya Skin Clinic

There are numerous websites that publish reviews of various beauty clinics. It’s not difficult to find them on the Internet. Customers who avail services of a particular beauty clinic can post their experience in such sites. This eventually gets published to the general public.

There are websites that offer testimonials of beauty products as well. These reviews are also written by customers who have used that particular product, so they share their personal experience.

It’s best to go through clinic testimonials of your city before availing their services. If you’re availing a particular service, you can search by mentioning the service. For example, if you want to get rid of unwanted body hair, you can simply type “Kaya Laser Hair Removal reviews Gurgaon (your city)” and search on the web.

Small Habits that Nourishes Your Hair

Your habits are what maintain your health. Little things you do every day usually have long-term effects The way you wash your hair, the products you use, and the way you maintain it, are all important factors that define how healthy your hair is.

Think of your hair as a delicate fabric. Be gentle and it’ll stay beautiful. Here, we share some tips to keep your hair healthy. These are things that you do every day, but the way you do them determines whether you keep your hair healthy or ruin it.

Handling your hair

If your hair is dry or damaged, that means it’s fragile. Handling it roughly will cause split ends and breakage. Avoid scrubbing, pulling or wringing.

Here are some habits that you can follow in your daily routine.

  • Use the tip of your fingers to gently pull shampoo through the strands of your hair. Avoid dumping the entire shampoo directly on the head and then scrubbing it.
  • Make sure your water is cool or lukewarm at the most. Avoid hot water at all costs, unless you’re sick.
  • When you’re done washing, don’t rub abrasively or wring your hair in a hurry. Gently pat dry your hair with an absorbent soft towel.

Washing frequency

Shampoo cleanses away dirt and excess oil on the scalp. For those of you who already have dry hair and scalp, shampooing too often would rob you of the little natural oils on your scalp. Keep the frequency to not more than three washes per week, or reduce it to one or two washes, if you have extremely dry hair.

Use gentle and safe shampoo like Kaya Hair Health Boost System. It’s a great product backed by excellent Kaya Skin product reviews.

Drying your hair

Using a dryer is tempting since it’s pretty convenient and fast. However, avoid it as much as possible, more so when you have dry hair. The hair dryer blows hot air at your scalp and hair and removes natural oils.

Here are few ways to use a dryer in a gentle and safe way

  • Keep the heat setting at minimum
  • Make sure your dryer is at least 6 inches away from your hair at all times
  • Use it to get rid of the wetness and let it be slightly damp. Then, let your hair dry on its own

Finally, try to air dry hair instead of blow drying it. Do this when you’re not in a hurry.


Use a wide toothed comb that slides through your hair easily without pulling it. Don’t comb when your hair is dripping wet, let it partially dry before you comb it. When detangling, start from the tips and work your way up. This avoids hair breakage.

What You Need To Know About the Laser Hair Removal Service at Kaya Skin Clinic

Waxing, shaving, and tweezing – the tedious and bothersome nature of these traditional hair removal techniques can eventually get to you. You’d have to bear with the pain every time to get rid of unwanted body hair thinking if only there was a way to avoid all of this.

Well, there is. The laser hair treatment is just what you need to eliminate body hair with pain. Laser hair removal offers a long-lasting result and you will never have to bother about your hair growing back and visiting the parlor every month. A few sessions are all you need to get a smooth and hairless skin.

Step #1: Read Reviews Online For Hair Removal Treatment

Reviews help you get a deeper understanding of products and services offered by different sellers. Whether you are buying a new product or availing a service for the first time, reading opinions online is a necessity these days. Do the same for skin and hair removal services too.

Hair removal treatment has something to do with your skin and so, it is important that you do it from the right place. Reading reviews will help you in deciding if the place is right or not. And here, we mention real-time feedback by people who have availed Kaya Skin Clinic’s Laser Hair Removal service. We also talk about the treatment in detail.

Top Customer Kaya Skin Clinic Reviews

Review 1 (Scarlet Blush Blog)

A customer from Mumbai shares her experience after she got this treatment done at a Kaya Skin Clinic. According to her experience, she didn’t feel any pain. Since the pain threshold can be different for different people, someone who cannot tolerate pain at all can opt for a numbing cream as well.

She mentioned in the email that taking care of the skin after the treatment and avoiding exposure to the sun is important as it may hinder the treatment process. This customer also admits that she has experienced no side effects even after the treatment was over.

Review 2 – Peaches and Blush

This customer was just 13 years old when she got her hair removal treatment done. After her session of laser hair removal on her underarms, she barely has any hair growth there, and she gets it waxed once in six months.

This patient claims that the laser treatment did hurt a little, however, one must note that new technological advancements have helped reduce that associated pain significantly. She also recommends completing the entire series of sessions – without which you might be left with an erratic hair growth.

Step #2: Learn The Facts About Laser Hair Removal

What Is Laser Hair Removal?

A concentrated beam of light, a laser beam is targeted to the hair follicles in your skin, which destroy the hair follicles and prevent them from growing back.

Is it Safe?

The Laser Hair Removal treatment is an extremely effective method of removing hair. It is completely safe and has no side effects. The laser is targeted to the hair follicles, which are located slightly under the surface of your skin, and destroyed.

The laser is designed in a way to target the melanin pigment in your hair follicles. This means, the skin surrounding the hair will remain untouched and only the follicles will get destroyed.

How Does It Work?

Kaya Skin Clinic makes use of US-FDA approved laser technology that is suitable for all Indian skin types. A minimum of 6 sessions is recommended to get the desired results. The gentle laser penetrates into your skin and destroys the follicles and prevents hair from growing back again.

A lot depends on your category of hair growth and skin type. Expert dermatologists guide the entire process and ensure you get the desired results without any side effects.

Step #3: Understand The Procedure

The length of the process depends on the area of the skin that has to be treated. While small areas like upper lips can be treated in a minute, larger areas like your back and legs can take up to an hour.

You have the option of using numbing creams before the procedure, which will keep you from feeling the pain from the laser. But even otherwise, the procedure doesn’t cause much pain. You will have to arrive slightly early in case you want to use the numbing cream, to allow it to set in.

The dermatologist will give you a pair of protective glasses to wear during the procedure. The laser gun is a small device that shoots the light onto your skin which can treat several hair follicles at the same time. It is only after a few sessions that you’ll get to see a noticeable change.

Make sure that you read more Kaya Skin Clinic reviews about the procedure before opting for it. Once you get all of your hair removed, it is certain that you will not regret your decision.

Sunscreen — Everything that You Need to Know

A sunscreen is a topical lotion that protects your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. It comes in various forms, like lotion, spray, and wax. While most people understand the necessity of using a sunscreen, then they don’t know how to choose the right one or the correct way to apply it.

When it comes to sunscreen, it’s important to choose the right one. Also, applying it properly ensures that you get the required protection. Here’s everything you need to know as far as sunscreen is concerned.

The right SPF

The minimum SPF for effective sun protection is 15. Anything less than that is useless to you. If you have pale skin, a sunscreen with SPF of 30+ is recommended for effective protection. SPF 30+ is recommended for everyone if they’re in the sun for long periods of time.

Liberal use

Always use a liberal amount of lotion on all areas that are exposed to the sun. That includes your lips, neck, and even areas around your eyes.

Broad spectrum

An SPF, although a critical factor in choosing a lotion, isn’t everything. You need to look for broad spectrum lotions like Kaya Daily Use Sunscreen SPF 15 and Sweat Proof Sunscreen SPF 30+. These provide protection from both UVA and UVB. Read more about these effective products from their happy customers on Kaya Products reviews.

Sunscreen isn’t an alternative to covering up. It’s an additional and very necessary form of protection. But just because you’re wearing sunscreen doesn’t mean you can stay in the sun indefinitely.

How to use sunscreen

  • Make sure to apply sunscreen 20-30 minutes prior to exposure. This is so that it gets absorbed into the skin
  • Reapply every two hours to ensure that you remain protected
  • Make sure you don’t go into the sun and water together without applying sunscreen
  • For children, the reapplication should be more frequent, since their skin is softer than that of adults

Make sure to keep these points in mind when you’re buying a sunscreen.

8 Tips for Healthy and Nourished Hair

Everyone wants a nourished scalp and healthy hair. When it comes to hair, maintaining it is where a lot of people tend to go wrong. Everything from your diet, lifestyle, the products you use, and even your routine habits can affect your hair. When you take proper care of your hair, you can see the difference.

Here are few simple tips to maintain nourished and healthy hair.

Healthy diet

Most hair related problems like hair fall, dry hair, or dull hair can be avoided if you maintain a healthy diet. Drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated. This way, both your hair and scalp stays moisturized. Include Omega-3 fatty acid supplements to your meals along with healthy fruits and vegetables containing fiber, and minerals like iron and zinc.

Sun protection

Prolonged exposure to the sun can damage your hair. Take proper precautions and wear a hat or scarf to protect your hair.

Washing frequency

Washing your hair too frequently can lead to the pores becoming clogged. This happens since shampoos and conditioners leave behind residues on your scalp and weigh down your hair. The recommended number of washes is one to three a week. But this also depends on the kind of hair you have.

Cool rinse

Taking a very hot shower is damaging to the skin. The same holds true for your scalp and hair as well. The hot water will remove natural oils from your hair,  making it has and make your hair appear dull and lifeless. Always rinse your scalp and hair with cold water.


Try not to bring your hair in contact with styling products and harsh chemicals as much as you can. Heat treatments, ammonia-based dyes, and other styling products damage the hair and remove nutrients from it.


Avoid shampoos that are loaded with chemicals. Shampoos like the Kaya Nourishing Shampoo for all round protection and nourishment for your hair. It’s formulated with natural ingredients that strengthen the hair and keep it smooth and shiny. Know more about their safe and effective range of products from Kaya Products review.


After you shampoo, make sure you apply a hydrating conditioner to lock in the moisture. Your hair won’t be just smooth, but it’ll also be tangle free and manageable.

Hair treatment

If your hair damage is beyond repair, consider hair therapies like Kaya Ultimate 360° Hair Elixir Therapy. This can revitalize your hair and give it the nourishment it lost.