4 surprising ways you’re aging your skin

Skin aging is something that no one can ignore. It’s a nature process, and no amount of anti aging cream can permanently reverse it. However, premature aging is something you can avoid.

You already know that sun exposure, tanning, alcohol, smoking, and drugs lead to premature skin aging. However, there are a number of other reasons that lead to premature aging, and most people are unaware of these reasons. Let’s look at them in detail:

  1. Yawning

You tend to yawn more if you don’t get enough sleep or stay awake late at night. When you yawn more, it causes your eyes to water. This leads your eyes swelling and becoming puffy at night. This excess fluid reduces the flexibility of the muscles surrounding your eyes. That leads to wrinkles. That’s the reason why you need your beauty sleep every day.

  1. Pollution

Environmental pollution doesn’t just affect your respiratory system. It also causes your skin to age prematurely. Soot in polluted air accumulates on your skin. They generate free radicals that cause your skin to age. This leads to fine lines and wrinkles.

  1. Over-exfoliation of the skin

You don’t need to visit parlors to exfoliate your skin nowadays. Abundant at-home exfoliation products are available, so most people prefer to do it at home. However, in the quest for smoother and younger-looking skin people tend to overdo it. This damages their skin. Too much exfoliation robs your skin off its moisture and makes it dehydrated. Dehydration leads to wrinkles and age spots.

  1. Not cleaning your skin in the morning

When you get a good night’s sleep, your skin is in repair mode. It secretes sebum, which washes out toxins on your skin. Make sure to wash your skin in the morning every day.

Also, products like Kaya Skin Clinic Super Orange Bloom can help prevent premature skin aging. Loaded with effective vitamins, this product, according to Kaya Skin Clinic reviews helps retain moisture in your skin and gives your skin a natural glow.

3 Diet Tips to Prevent Hair Loss

Several things can affect the health of your hair, diet being the most important factor among them. Your diet is a mirror of your lifestyle. Healthy eating keeps both your body and hair in good shape.

There are few essential nutrients and minerals that you need to include in your diet to help prevent hair fall.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C helps in collagen synthesis, which provides nourishment to hair follicles and keeps blood vessels in your scalp healthy. Vitamin C also helps in better absorption of iron from your food.

Some foods that contain large levels of Vitamin C are fruits like oranges, lemons, and sweet lime. Try and include Vitamin E in your diet as well. It helps improve blood circulation on your scalp.


A deficiency in protein can cause several problems like lethargy, heart diseases, cataract, and even hair fall. Hair is more than 90% protein, a deficiency of protein affects your hair growth and health. All kinds of meat, along with eggs, are excellent sources of protein. You can opt for chia seeds, soybeans and quinoa as well.

Iron and zinc

Metals are also essential for our body since 1% of our body consists of metals. Although they’re small in quantity, a deficiency can lead to a severe impact on your health. Iron and zinc are essential for better growth of hair follicles. You can find iron and zinc in abundance in green vegetables.

However, if you’re still facing hair fall, it’s time to get your hair treated. Kaya Skin Clinic features a product specially designed to take care of all these needs for your scalp—the Hair Care Health Gel. You can apply the gel directly to your scalp and leave it overnight. It contains vital nutrients and gets quickly absorbed into the skin to give your scalp the nutrients it requires.

Make sure to read Kaya product reviews to understand how this gel and other hair care products from Kaya Skin Clinic can help you prevent hair fall.

6 Home Remedies for Hair Loss

Hair loss is a very common problem that a lot of people have. In case you’re suffering from hair loss, then there are simple measures that you could try out. However, if you have severe hair loss for a prolonged period of time, then you need expert care from dermatologists.

Kaya Products Review
Are you looking for an effective hair loss solution?

Here are few home remedies you can try that can reduce hair fall. This is unless you have a serious illness, in which case, you are better off consulting a professional.

  1. Hot oil massage

Heat one or two hair-nourishing oils like almond or coconut and gently massage them onto your scalp. These oils nourish the scalp and enhance hair texture, shine, and smoothness. This benefits your hair by increasing blood flow, strengthens roots, and moisturizes the scalp.

  1. Onion juice

Onion has a high sulfur content and is an excellent remedy for hair issues. It helps treat hair loss, improves blood circulation and nourishes hair follicles. Moreover, onion juice is an antibacterial agent, and helps fight off infections on the scalp and keep it healthy.

  1. Green tea

This medicinal drink has many benefits, one of which is reducing hair loss. It stimulates hair production by enhancing overall body metabolism.

  1. Meditate

Stress is a leading cause of hair fall. If you’re handling too much stress, the other methods won’t work that well. Have a meditation routine to help you get rid of mental disturbances and stay calm.

  1. Indian gooseberry

Deficiency of vitamin C is a major cause of hair fall for a lot of people. The Indian gooseberry is rich in Vitamin C. It’s an excellent remedy to restore the required nutrition into your body.

  1. Aloe vera

Aloe vera’s enzymes are very effective when it comes to promoting hair growth. You can use it by applying it on your scalp. You can also consume it on an empty stomach. The proteins in aloe vera help to grow your hair.

Home remedies are a mild treatment that works under minimal circumstances. If you have serious hair fall because of specific conditions, then you need expert treatment like Kaya Hair Restore Expert Solutions to control hair loss. It’s formulated by expert dermatologists using natural active ingredients and a holistic approach. The treatment impacts hair at the root and reduces hair loss. Check out the Kaya feedback to know more about their safe and highly effective therapies and treatments

Kaya Hair Restore Expert Transplant Solutions

If you’re suffering from hair loss and are worried, then you need the proper diagnosis and correct care for your hair. You need treatment that provides a customized solution to your unique needs. That needs further care and maintenance as well. Kaya Hair Restore Expert Transplant Solutions brings you all of this with a holistic approach.

Kaya Products Review
Replenish the health of your hair with Kaya Hair Restore

The expertise

At Kaya, the products are designed by expert dermatologists who make sure you get the best treatment. With quality ingredients and supreme care that’s targeted at the root, Kaya solutions are safe and effective.

The technique

Kaya Hair Restore Expert Hair Transplant Solution has a minimal invasion approach. It uses the advanced Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method and it doesn’t involve any cuts or stitches.

Hair is transplanted from the hair bearing area(called the donor area) to the balding area(called the recipient area). This is done under local anesthesia. The recipient area takes the qualities of the donor area. The transplanted hair then grows normally, since the follicles are taken from the back section of the head. The hair from this area is unaffected by pattern baldness and hence continues to grow at the newly transplanted location.

The approach

The hair transplant procedure is combined with four other procedures-

  1. Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy
  2. Hair Nutri Infusion Therapy
  3. Hair Root Activation Laser Therapy

This amalgamated unique approach stimulates hair growth with high efficiency. The end result is natural looking hair that feels like there was never any baldness in the first place.

Efficiency and safety

With state of the art medical infrastructure and latest technology, Kaya Hair Restore Expert Hair Transplant Solution offers safety and efficiency. The team of expert dermatologists is highly proficient in Hair Transplanting. Natural looking hair that can be cut or styled as you want is what you get. Know more about happy customers from Kaya Skin Clinic Reviews.

The procedure

The entire procedure takes about 6-8 hours and involves the following

  • Local anesthesia is given at both donor and recipient sites
  • No pain is felt while the transplantation is performed.
  • Patients usually feel fine with a day or two post-surgery.
  • Within 3-5 months the transplanted hair starts to grow but is thin.
  • In a span of 8-10 months, the hair then becomes thicker fuller and is completely mature. It continues to grow for a lifetime.

To read customer experiences regarding Kaya’s wide range of skincare and haircare products and services, visit Kaya Skin Clinic Reviews.

4 Daily Hair Care Tips for Beautiful Tresses

It’s natural to lose 100-150 hair strands every day. However, if you’re losing more than that and you always have to see huge bunches of hair on your floor, then it’s time that you do something to prevent it.

Kaya Products Review
Kaya Products for Beautiful Tresses

Following a hair care routine isn’t that complicated. There’s no harm in pampering your hair a little. A few easy steps are all that you need to have that natural shine.

Comb your hair every morning

If you’re in the habit of waking up in the morning and tying your hair into a bun without combing it. Stop. It’s important that you brush your hair every morning. Not only does it detangle your hair but it also helps in distributing natural oils evenly. Use a soft-bristled comb to brush your hair and do so gently, especially when your hair is wet.

Hair wash

If you have dry and coarse hair, you need to wash your hair every two or three days, if you have normal hair wash every alternate day and your hair is oily, wash it every day.

When it comes to using shampoos, choosing the right one can be a huge task. The options are many and most of them are filled with harsh chemicals. Shampoos like Kaya Skin Clinic’s Hair Nourishing Shampoo and Hair Care Hair Health Gel have ingredients like almond and other important minerals and vitamins that strengthens your hair.

Massage your scalp in circular motion since this stimulates blood flow. Don’t forget to apply a conditioner as well.

Trim your hair every 2 months

This is more important for people with long hair. Trimming your hair every few weeks can help get rid of split ends. Cut about 1/4th of an inch every 6-8 months to make your hair grow faster.

Night care

Before hitting your bed, sit in front of your mirror and brush your hair gently. After brushing, tie your hair loosely to prevent any tangles.

These simple tips are easy to follow and offer great results. Read Kaya product reviews to choose the right shampoo, based on your hair type.

Kaya Feedback – The Power of Customer Feedback

It is important for brands to act upon their valuable customers’ feedback in order to improve their services and tailor them according to the users’ requirements. One easy way to do this is to engage with current, former, and potential customers and collect feedback from them regarding different services and products and their expectations. Kaya Skin Clinic as a beauty brand has been engaging with their customers since the beginning, which has made them one of the top beauty service providers in the country.

Kaya Feedback

Watch the following video for selected reviews of some of Kaya’s bestselling products and services.

If you are a happy Kaya customer, you can provide Kaya feedback at their website.

For customer feedback and testimonials about different products and services, you can visit Kaya Skin Clinic Reviews.

What are Some Kaya Skin Clinic Laser Hair Removal Reviews?

Kaya Skin Clinic Laser Hair Removal Reviews

Kaya Skin Clinic is one of the biggest beauty brands in India. Its Laser Hair Removal treatment provides a complete solution to unwanted hair growth. It is painless, dermatologically tested, and is permanent. It is one of the best-selling services offered by Kaya and has received positive reviews and favorable feedback by customers.

Kaya Skin Clinic Laser Hair Removal Reviews
Painfree Laser Hair Removal at Kaya Skin Clinic

List of Kaya Skin Clinic Laser Hair Removal Reviews

Following are some customer reviews of Kaya’s Laser Hair Removal Treatment:

Laser Hair Removal at Kaya Skin Clinic – Review by Hina Attar

According to her review of the first session, Ms Attar was happy with the laser hair removal treatment and service provided by the Kaya staff. There was no side-effects or irritation after the first session, with the subsequent sessions helping her get rid of the hair follicles completely.

Watch the following video for more info about Ms Attar’s experience at Kaya –

Pain-Free Laser Hair Removal Experience at Kaya – By Corallista

According to Ms Ankita Srivastava, the permanent hair removal experience at Kaya Skin Clinic was ideal as she was able to completely get rid of her underarm hair. She lauds Kaya Hairfree for being a convenient process at reducing hair growth. The advantages of Kaya Skin Clinic Laser Hair Removal treatment are hair reduction in just 5 sessions, no possibility of in-grown hair, less discoloration and scarring, softer skin, and no skin infections. She has also created a short guide for users to check before they decide to go for the treatment.

Underarm Laser Hair Reduction – Review by Bhumika

As per Ms Bhumika’s experience, which she has outlined in the review at her New Love Makeup blog, Kaya’s Laser Hair Removal treatment is definitely worth it because the results are evident right after the first two sessions. She recommends it to her fellow readers as the best alternative for waxing, which paves way for the freedom to wear anything that you want.

To read the complete Kaya Skin Clinic Laser Hair Removal review, go to her beauty blog.


With respect to the above three reviews about customer experience, we can be sure that Kaya’s Laser Hair Removal treatment is the best solution for hair reduction and removal. Read reviews of various Kaya products and services and give your feedback in the comments. Visit Kaya Clinic Review for more!